who we are

  • our teamAt Benefit Resources, Inc., we have over 60 years of heavyweight experience with tax qualified employee retirement programs.  Working in tandem with owners and managers, we design a tailor-made plan that fits their business goals and employee retirement needs-current and long-term.

    In designing those plans, we determine which plans are the most cost effective and will provide the maximum tax benefits.

    By providing accurate reporting to communicating the value of benefits to employees; and monitoring the program to keep it in full compliance with ever-changing tax and governmental regulations, Benefit Resources can be your employee retirement program administrator.


our skills

  • We are committed to building retirement security one step at a time, beginning with the selection and design of the benefit program that best fits your business circumstances:

    Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)

    Employee stock Ownership Plans with 401(k) Provisions (KSOP)

    Profit Sharing Plans

    401(k) Plans

Our team

  • Cindy Greer Cindy Greer

    CPA, CFP
    Senior Account Executive

    Cindy has over 18 years experience in benefit administration.  She is well versed in all facets of benefit administration and renders outstanding client service through involvement in day to day plan operation and compliance testing.

  • Beverly Allen Beverly Allen


    Beverly has devoted over 25 years for developing benefit programs for small and medium-sized businesses.  She has extensive experience in the administration of qualified employee benefit programs and is highly regarded for fostering outstanding client service.


  • Anne Sutton Anne Sutton


    Anne has over 24 years experience in marketing, design, implementation, communication and administration of custom employee benefit programs.  She is well versed in application and utilization of stock bonus programs.